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Does Grumble account for people with more than one allergy?

Yes, under our food tab, we have a description of what each food contains.

What allergies/dietary restriction foods does your website focus on?

Gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, and soy. We chose to focus on these allergies because they are the most common.

Can I for sure eat foods that say "Do NOT Contain" ?

It depends on the brand. If the overall description says it "Does NOT Contain", that means that the most of the foods under that group is gluten free. However, once you pick the kind of ice cream you want, double check the description of the content for t

Do I eventually get discounts on some of the foods/snacks?

yes, there will be promotions.

Can I order products directly from the search?

No, however, our products can be found under the shop page.

Is there free shipping?

Shipping is not free; however, it is not extremely costly.